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What’s Smart CPM, and how does it work?
What’s Smart CPM, and how does it work?
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Smart CPM by Adsterra automates participation in auctions and pulling relevant traffic at the best price.

What’s Smart CPM, and how does it work?

Smart CPM is a fully automated bidding model to save your CPM budget. It’s built on a second-price auction mechanism.

Once you set a bidding cap, our algorithm competes for traffic within your targeting. It estimates the overall competitors' bids and offers the highest payout needed to win the auction without exceeding the initial cap. If your bid can win the auction, you will only pay slightly above the second-highest CPM in the auction.

How to enable Smart CPM

Go to the Campaigns tab and click Create. Then, select CPM as your pricing type and check the box next to Smart CPM to allow our algorithm to bid for you automatically.

Next, enter all necessary settings like Ad Unit, Traffic, Connection, Device type, and Landing URL.

Move to the Country field and enter a bid cap. This will set a limit for spending, but the Smart CPM's algorithm will still try to place a lower bid to win the competition whenever possible. You can be confident that the algorithm will never exceed the bid cap.

If doubting about the best payout, use clues from our Traffic Estimator to come up with a bid cap. You should not put the minimum bid, but you can increase the recommended payout slightly. We strongly recommend not overbidding at the stage of tests.

To check your current pricing, jump to the Countries section. Here we notify you if Smart CPM is on.

How to disable Smart CPM

Sometimes, you need to switch from automated bidding to manual price control. In this case, you can disable Smart CPM.

Open a current campaign where you must turn off the automated bidding and untick the Smart CPM tool. Your pricing type will change to simple CPM.

Custom bids and Smart CPM

Even though Smart CPM is a fully automated bidding algorithm, you can customize payouts for selected ad placements.

Use the Adsterra Custom Bid tool to increase or decrease your bid for specific placement IDs.

Please ensure your postback is on and you have added the ##PLACEMENT_ID## token to track all placements. See all tokens available.

If you need to apply CPA optimization to your CPM or CPC campaigns, read this guide to our CPA Goal tool.

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