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How to fill Invoice Information
How to fill Invoice Information
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In order to deposit into your account balance, you will need to fill in the Invoice Information. It is important because the information you place there will be used for generating further invoices.

Go to the Finance page first and press 'Fill Information'

Is your account type Individual or Legal Entity?

  • If it’s Individual, then the fields ‘Contact person’ and ‘Company name’ should be the same and contain your full name.

  • If it’s Legal Entity, then the field ‘Contact person’ should contain your full name and ‘Company name’ should contain the exact name of your company, including the abbreviations like ‘LTD’.

Please remember, that ​a name in the Invoicing Info should be the same as in the means of payment (like Credit Card) and documents you use to add the funds.

In the field 'address', kindly ask you to add your full address, including the number of the house. Here’s the example:

Christaki Kranou 49, Germasogeia, 4041, Limassol, Cyprus

Don’t worry If some mistake has been made. We are here to help you with correcting it!

Contact us via the live chat, Skype or Telegram and we will update your data straight away.

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