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What might be a reason for the decline?
What might be a reason for the decline?
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Our team might decline your campaign for several reasons; let’s check the most common ones and the ways how to solve the issue.

1) The #1 includes all sorts of issues with your URL. Google could ban your domain; it can be incorrect or well cloaked.

Please check your URL if you built it correctly or it’s not banned to pass the approval step. In terms of cloaking, you need to add a screenshot of the final landing page with your actual offer on it. You can do it in the first block on the campaign editing page.

Pro-Tip! The preview, in general, will help you with the approval!

2) You're trying to launch a campaign that violates the Adsterra Terms & Conditions.

In this case, please check out T&C (Clause 7, letter f)

If these solutions weren’t helpful or the team declined your campaign for some other reasons, please ask us for more details. We are very keen on helping you!

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