Adsterra offers two types of payment options. The first one includes payment methods that almost immediately refill your balance. They are called instant payment methods and you may check them below with their minimum deposit amounts and fees listed.

Paxum - $100, fee - $1

Webmoney - $100, fee - 2%

The second type is the payment method on request.

Wire Transfer - $1000, no fixed fee

Capitalist - $100, no fee

UnionPay, Visa and Mastercard - $100, fee 3.15% + €0.25

Pro-tip for those who use Capitalist, your payment will be processed faster if you add your Adsterra username to the payment notes.

And final small advice from us, If you need a payment invoice, fill in the invoice information before the payment so it will be generated automatically when the balance is refilled.

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