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What is the testing budget for a CPA campaign?
What is the testing budget for a CPA campaign?
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When a CPA campaign is being tested, it is charged on a CPM basis. Test budget spendings depend on the volume of traffic received and the system’s average eCPM per each geo you target. When the test budget is spent, you will pay only for conversions.

While is running on a CPM basis, the campaign is being automatically optimised, which means you will have only the best sources possible explicitly collected for your campaign to bring you the best quality for reasonable payout.

Technically, Its money you are ready to spend on your campaign tests.

Here you can find our minimal test budgets for all the geos we have to offer

$100 - US

$50 - GB, IE, IN, IS, IT, JP, KR, AT, NL, PT, SG, BE, ZA, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR

$30 - BR, CN, ID, IR, MX, NG, PH, SA, TH, TR, TW

$10 - other GEOs

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